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This Blog is all about living and hiking in Hong Kong

stewartgoeswalkies is committed to the reduction of plastics in our environment. Don’t buy drinking water in plastic bottles when it’s easy to bring it from home. Let’s work together to save the planet.

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Dear Diary – 5/3/22

Greetings Hikers. I’m pleased to say that my mood has improved a bit. Yesterday, I managed to get in 8.5 km. The chance to get out and make the effort made all the difference to my mental state. The weather was pleasant and I came across a lot of other walkers. Interestingly, I saw severalContinue reading “Dear Diary – 5/3/22”

Dear Diary – 4/3/22

I was able to pick up the daily walking a bit. Yesterday I managed 5.4 km. COVID continues to threaten everyone and depression is increasing.

Dear Diary – 3/3/22

I find myself becoming more and more depressed. Yesterday I went out to pay a few bills with the determination of doing an absolute minimum of 5 km, however, I didn’t even manage to make my minimum target. I only managed 4.9. The latest from the government is that there will not be a nine-dayContinue reading “Dear Diary – 3/3/22”


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