Dear Diary – 4/3/22

I was able to pick up the daily walking a bit. Yesterday I managed 5.4 km. COVID continues to threaten everyone and depression is increasing.

Dear Diary – 1/3/2022

Yesterday I walked up to Ping Long and back via Kwan Yick. My total was 5.2 km. Today I was hoping to do a river walk with Airyn but, as it is her birthday we will have a nice lunch at Billows. The government at still pondering a two-week total lockdown.

Dear Diary

This month has not been as successful as I would have liked with regard to my daily walking. Grey, cloudy skies and almost constant drizzle with low temperatures made it unpleasant for much of the month. I will meet my target of 5 km per day, but only just. Records from the last seven days,Continue reading “Dear Diary”


Due to heavy rain and dropping temperatures my hiking has been curtailed. I’m barely able to make my 5 km daily target. I hope to be able to post more in the coming weeks. Until then, stay safe and keep up the kilometres! Best wishes from Stewart Goes Walkies.

Equipment That I Use

Several of our readers have asked about the gear that I use. The list does not include the safety/survival gear that I take with me on more serious hikes such as water filtration devices and my first aid kit. Stewart Goes Walkies does NOT receive discounts or other benefits from the manufacturers or vendors of theContinue reading “Equipment That I Use”


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